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Empowering The Missing Link with Xeneth's MSPlus Platform

Learn how Xeneth’s MSPlus platform helped save The Missing Link time and resources in their monthly CSP billing.

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Client Overview

Established in 1997, The Missing Link is a pioneer in the IT solutions and services industry, dedicated to aiding businesses in achieving their objectives through tailored IT strategies. With over two decades of experience, The Missing Link has become a trusted partner for some of Australia’s leading companies, offering a comprehensive suite of IT & Cloud, Cybersecurity, and Automation solutions. Headquartered in New South Wales (NSW), but servicing clients all over Australia and New Zealand, The Missing Link’s commitment to excellence has solidified its position as a key player in the Australian IT landscape.

The Challenge

The Missing Link faced a significant hurdle in its billing process, particularly concerning was their Microsoft CSP billing.  At the time, The Missing Link was manually billing and was looking for an automated solution, and no solutions in the market met their requirements. This lead to increased time to reconcile billing, increasing opportunity for errors, and delayed cash flow. This deficiency resulted in the laborious task of manually reviewing and rectifying hundreds of confusing invoice line items on the Microsoft bill —a time-consuming and costly endeavour.

The Approach Xeneth Took to Help The Missing Link

Recognising the need for automation and efficiency, Karen Drewitt, the current COO and then General Manager of The Missing Link, engaged in discussions with Cameron from Xeneth during industry events and conferences. These conversations resulted in the development of Xeneth’s ground-breaking billing automation platform, MSPlus. Leveraging Xeneth’s expertise and innovative thinking, a solution tailored to The Missing Link’s specific requirements was conceived.

Xeneth engaged with The Missing Link on collaborative product development, working closely with their billing team to refine the MSPlus platform. Xeneth was able to be a part of The Missing Link’s team and office which offered seamless communication and continuous feedback loops, ensuring that the product evolved to meet The Missing Link’s specific needs. Despite the complexity of the project, Xeneth’s dedication to excellence and iterative approach resulted in the successful development of a custom-fit solution for The Missing Link.

Results Delivered

Following the implementation of Xeneth’s MSPlus platform, The Missing Link experienced a positive change in its billing efficiency. What once took 12 to 13 days in duration now requires less than a day, representing a significant time and cost-saving measure. By eliminating the need for additional staff dedicated to manual billing and inventory management, The Missing Link not only enhanced operational efficiency but also optimised its resource allocation. Today, The Missing Link is managing four times the volume of Microsoft CSP items compared to their initial engagement with MSPlus. Despite this significant increase, they continue to complete monthly billing for their customers in the same amount of time.

Furthermore, the partnership between Xeneth and The Missing Link highlighted the effectiveness of collaboration between the businesses. As Xeneth’s foundational customer, The Missing Link played a pivotal role in shaping the development and refinement of the MSPlus platform, laying the groundwork for future success.


  • Increase billing efficiency and less manual labour.
  • Increased staff satisfaction.
  • Cost savings on billing staff and optimised resource allocation.
  • Increase billing accuracy.

Working with Cameron and the team at Xeneth was and continues to be a great experience. The collaborative nature and the ability to have input into the product and its development has meant that myself and the wider The Missing Link team no longer have to worry about our Microsoft bill. It has also meant we were able to save time for the current team and the cost of an additional resources to help with billing.”

 – Karen Drewitt, COO, The Missing Link


In summary, Xeneth’s MSPlus platform empowered The Missing Link to streamline its billing processes, reduce operational overheads, and enhance overall efficiency. Through a collaborative, flexible and responsive approach and commitment to delivering exceptional solutions, Xeneth and The Missing Link continue to have a collaborative and valuable relationship.