About Xeneth

Empowering Stellar Systems with Xeneth's MSPlus Platform

Xeneth's MSPlus Platform fixed billing inaccuracies of all but two of Stellar Systems’ clients.

Client Overview

Stellar Systems, a Managed Service Provider (MSP) based in Perth, WA, has been providing IT consulting, support, cybersecurity cloud solutions to Western Australian businesses since 1993.  It serves a client base of SMBs in various industries including construction, engineering, mining, real estate, medical, non-profit, law, accounting & finance. Having been featured in the CRN Fast 50 list in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012 Stellar Systems prides itself on delivering expert remote IT support and comprehensive IT solutions to the unique needs of each industry it serves.

The Challenge

Last year, Stellar Systems encountered challenges stemming from its previous billing platform. Gordon Carr, the CEO, expressed apprehensions about potential underbilling and revenue loss attributed to the deficiencies of their existing system. Customer complaints about inaccurate invoices further underscored the urgency for a more robust solution.

Stellar Systems had been utilising a different billing platform, encountering significant issues. The vendor’s compatibility issues with contemporary cloud services like Azure AD and MS 365, coupled with concerns regarding reliability and the necessity for manual intervention, became pressing concerns for Stellar Systems. Additionally, the inability to exclude certain individuals from billing and the absence of verification from their previous system raised operational issues, prompting the exploration of alternative solutions.

The Approach Xeneth Took to Help Stellar Systems

It was around the same time Xeneth encountered Stellar Systems during the ConnectWise Evolve program. The discussions revolving around billing platforms and billing inaccuracies resonated deeply with the Stellar Systems team and sparked their interest to try Xeneth’s MSPlus Platform.

Within the first month during the trial period, Stellar Systems witnessed immediate results. The trial revealed that company has been underbilling all but two of their client accounts and losing an average of 9.6% of their managed services revenue.

One requirement of Stellar Systems was the need to sync contacts seamlessly between their existing systems and the MSPlus platform. The feedback encouraged the development of “Contact Sync”, a feature seamlessly integrated into Xeneth’s MSPlus Platform. A milestone achievement which Xeneth completed in February 2024.

Results Delivered

Stellar Systems started using MSPlus platform in September 2023 and experienced an immediate uplift in their profit. Accurate billing became easier and less cumbersome and fostered trust and satisfaction among their clients. They immediately witnessed 9.6+% increase in their revenue and profits and decreased the time taken monthly to conduct billing thanks to Xeneth’s MSPlus Platform. This also offered Stellar Systems the opportunity to review and renegotiate with a number of their clients based off the information from the MSPlus Platform.

Mike Valvasori, CTO of Stellar Systems, collaborated closely with Xeneth’s team from inception to deployment of the “Contact Sync” feature, providing invaluable feedback and insights that shaped the development process, ensuring seamless updates to their ConnectWise contacts. Mike praised Xeneth’s rapid responsiveness, noting how the team consistently addressed queries and provided support with remarkable efficiency. He also highlighted the intuitive nature of the Managed Services billing module, emphasizing that its user-friendly design made training unnecessary for Stellar Systems’ team members.

This collaborative effort not only delivered a cutting-edge solution but also strengthened the partnership between Xeneth and Stellar Systems, showcasing Xeneth’s commitment to delivering exceptional value and support to its clients.


  • 6% + uplift in profit.
  • Increased billing accuracy with less time taken to perform.
  • Immediate recognition of increased revenue and profit for underbilled customers.
  • Reduced admin time for staff on monthly reconciliations.
  • Reduced technical staff time for monthly reconciliations.

“Xeneth’s MSPlus platform stands out in the MSP landscape by not only paying for itself but also delivering immediate ROI and enhancing billing accuracy. Since implementation, we’ve seen a remarkable 9.6% increase in managed services revenue within the first month alone. Additionally, MSPlus has streamlined our monthly billing processes, saving time and improving operational efficiency.”

 – Gordon Carr, CEO Stellar Systems


Stellar Systems not only prioritised optimising their billing processes but also leveraged MSPlus to maximise their revenue potential. This proactive approach resulted in a remarkable 9.6+% growth in managed services revenue. This enhancement not only bolstered their revenue but also elevated their service gross margin. As a result, they now can invest in further improving customer focus.