Automated Microsoft CSP invoicing equals increased revenue
MSPlus automates your Microsoft Office 365 and Azure invoicing and pricing, with unrivaled accuracy for the maximum revenue, whether you are a Direct or Indirect Microsoft Partner.
Progressive MSPs are growing exponentially with billing automation for Microsoft CSP
Invoice as the source

MSPlus integrates directly with Microsoft for Tier 1 Microsoft Partners as well as major distributors for Indirect Partners to use your invoice as source of billing truth, delivering accuracy that reconciles to the cent on the line item level.

Office 365 & Azure

MSPlus processes both Office 365 line items as well as Azure usage details. Slice or combine your Azure usage however you want with our flexible Azure billing automation.

Tangible accuracy and endless customisability

Customer retention requires accurate invoices the first time round

MSPlus produces a reconciliation report after processing your Microsoft CSP invoice into ConnectWise Manage or Autotask. See your exact margin, overall and on every line item, and fix any over or under billing before generating your customer invoices.

Line Item Price Updates

Revenue leaks happen when subscription sell prices are not updated monthly to match Microsoft’s pricing. MSPlus can automatically update every line item in your PSA with the latest product sell and cost prices based on your invoice.

Catalog Price Updates

Microsoft updates the prices of many Office 365 SKUs on monthly basis. Get your product catalogue pricing up-to-date with MSPlus and never sell or quote incorrectly again.

Custom Price Rules

Add your own price rules to the latest RRP. Apply rules as margin, markup, discount or fixed price to any product, subscription, or customer. You can set a start and end date so you do not have to maintain these rules.

Billing Model Flexibility
Mix and match to create the billing model that suits your business

Uncover revenue potentials by choosing whether to prorate your customer invoices. Bill in-advance or in-arrears, regardless of your distributor’s invoice. Stay ahead of the game and offer your customers the most competitive pricing and the invoice format that best suits their needs.

Much more than usage tracking
Customer Trust

Reduce churn and maintain customer trust through airtight billing accuracy.

No Missed Billing

User interface detects every new customer and subscription and prevents invoice processing if anything is not mapped.

Early Error Detection

With detailed reporting you can detect and fix any pricing discrepancies before issuing invoices to your customers.


MSPlus automation handles every change to a subscription according to the rules you set.

Handling Reactivations

Automatically bill for every subscription, even when it is suspended or reactivated half-way through the month.

Flag Unprocessed Usage

MSPlus immediately flags any subscriptions or usage that were not updated correctly into your biling system.


Eliminate manual invoice processing and reduce time from hours to minutes.

Easiest Setup

Set yourself up on your own with our intuitive interface that guides you through the process. No need to import customers, subscriptions, or products.

One-Stop Shop

Add new records for new products, customers, and subscriptions in your PSA all through MSPlus without having to switch between platforms.

...and then some

Once-off mapping

Split Azure resource biling

Lightspeed processing

Do-Not-Bill option

Slick user interface

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