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Recapture as little as 1 managed services seat and make 3 times the cost of automation

MSPlus seamlessly integrates your customers’ domains, both cloud-based and on-premise, with leading platforms like ConnectWise Manage and Autotask, ensuring a smooth transition and connection. This integration ensures accurate counting of every user and device, enabling effective resource utilization and profitability optimization.

Azure and On-Premise Active Directory

Get an exact count of users and devices without the need to install an agent on every device

Azure AD

Our centralised data collectors at MSPlus capture a daily snapshot of your customer domains’ user and device lists in Partner Center.

MSPlus automatically includes any new CSP tenant added in Partner Center, ensuring you have a complete record of daily usage.

On-Premise Active Directory

Using data collection agents running in the network of your on-premise active directory domains, MSPlus takes a daily snapshot of all users and devices and stores the results in customer dedicated public cloud storage through a secure outbound connection.

Highly Customisable Exclusions & Configurations

Exclusion rules

Exclusion and Whitelist Rules

No more bill disputes, manual exclusions, or count approvals

You can actively exclude users or devices from billing based on their group membership, organizational unit (OU), or any attribute value.

Ensure the inclusion of individual users or devices in billing by proactively whitelisting them, overriding any exclusion rules.

Granular Organizational Unit Breakdown

MSPlus allows you to expand your customers’ OU tree so you can pick and choose specific OUs at any level of the tree.

Users, devices, or both

Have the flexibility to bill in different ways for each customer. MSPlus allows you to bill per user, per device only, or a combination. You can set different automatic rules for each customer domain and edit them anytime.

Active or Part-time users & devices

MSPlus actively tracks each user’s and device’s last login, enabling you to automatically exclude those not used within any set number of days. This proactive approach ensures you do not charge your customer for unused items.

Automatic billing or reporting mode

MSPlus offers the flexibility to either update your PSA (ConnectWise, Autotask, etc.) or simply provide results for comparison against fixed user count customer contracts.

Split billing for other user types

MSPlus enables the billing of various user types, such as charging a remote worker with a Microsoft 365 F1 license less than a full support user

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