Recapture as little as 1 managed services seat and make 3 times the cost of automationMSPlus connects your customers’ domains, in the cloud or on-premise, with ConnectWise Manage or Autotask, so you can be sure you are counting every user and device... where your big bucks lie.

Azure and On-Premise Active Directory

Get an exact count of users and devices without the need to install an agent on every device

Azure AD

Using our centralised data collectors, MSPlus takes a daily snapshot of the list of users and devices for of your customer domains in Partner Center.

When a new CSP tenant is added in Partner Center, they automatically appear in MSPlus so you never miss a day of usage.

On-Premise Active Directory

Using data collection agents running in the network of your on-premise active directory domains, MSPlus takes a daily snapshot of all users and devices and stores the results in customer dedicated public cloud storage through a secure outbound connection.

Highly Customisable Exclusions & Configurations

Exclusion and Whitelist Rules
No more bill disputes, manual exclusions, or count approvals

Exclude users or devices from being counted for billing based on their membership in a group, organizational unit (OU), or the value of any attribute.

Whitelist individual users or devices from any exclusion rule so that they are automatically counted for billing.

Granular Organizational Unit Breakdown

MSPlus allows you to expand your customers’ OU tree so you can pick and choose specific OUs at any level of the tree.

Users, devices, or both

Have the flexibility to bill in different ways for each customer. MSPlus allows you to bill per user, per device only, or a combination. You can set different automatic rules for each customer domain and edit them anytime.

Active or Part-time users & devices

MSPlus collects the last login of each user and device so you can choose to automatically exclude users and devices that haven’t been used in any number of days. This means you are ensuring that you aren’t billing your customer for items that haven’t been used.

Automatic billing or reporting mode

For customer agreements with a fixed count and a periodic true-up, MSPlus can be configured to collect usage data without automatically updating your ConnectWise or Autotask for billing. This way you can stay informed about any increase and renegotiate your terms with those customers.

VIP Users

If you have a special deal or SKU for VIP users, such as a CEO with several devices and 24x7 support, then you can set up MSPlus to automatically identify those users based on an Active Directory rule and associate them with your special SKU for biling.

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