We are inspired by MSPs
Our mission is to create a platform that gives back to MSPs what they provide to the rest of the world: the power of technology; to reach their maximum profitability and expand their horizon.

Our Young Story

Passionate about technology, Cameron McFie, who had once co-founded and run an MSP himself, was presented with a problem of growing complexity: impossible to detangle, inaccurate recurring billing, like Microsoft CSP. So, in 2018, he started Software Jar and began architecting an automated billing software that integrates with ConnectWise Manage. In 2019, he was joined by Sarah Henein, an IT professional who believes psychology has a role to play in technology. Together, they each dipped into their savings account and tapped into the back-of-house of MSPs, which often ends up being the poor cousin: manual, time consuming, error-prone processes.

In just over a year the product took off, we went on to become Xeneth, our services and integrations are continuously increasing, and our small team is starting to grow.

Our Values

No salesmen business

We always offer our honest advice with no attempts to sell something to a customer if we are not certain it is in their best interest. Our integrity is the bedrock of our customers’ trust.

Better do a little well, than a great deal badly

We choose to be focused, specialised, and experts in what we do over trying to provide many solutions that only solve part-problems. We invest our time and training in intimately understanding the problems that MSPs face when it comes to billing of recurring services.

Culture first

Equality of opportunity, diversity, and respect form the basics of our culture. We believe that our resilience comes from our internal harmony; that way, our customers can always expect consistency, not just in the quality of our services, but also in our work ethics and customer support.

Be humble, be nimble

Perfection is not a destination but a journey, and customer feedback is the mirror through which we recognise the endless possibilities for creativity and improvement. We are agile and we try to balance efficiency, urgency, and meticulousness with every iteration.

Form, not just function

We do not just create fit-for-purpose solutions. We are very religious about delivering user-friendly, intuitive UI designs that follow the latest guidelines, do not take a while to learn, and do not require user guides nor documentation.

Cooperation over competition

We aim to excel, as individuals and as an organisation, but we see ourselves as part of a wider community. Success depends on our collective progress and the open sharing of ideas and information.

Contact Us

We are a very friendly bunch and always open to discussing new integrations, interesting ideas, and opportunities. Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Email: info@xeneth.com